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Referral Card Marketing Ideas for 2015

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As 2014 starts to wind down and we prepare for the holiday season, it’s important to take a look at our 2015 marketing strategy and prepare to order materials now rather than waiting until the last minute. Many of our clients tell us that their greatest source of business every year is through referrals. Referrals are one of the best and easiest ways to garner business and referral cards can be a huge help for that. Here are some great referral marketing ideas to use in 2015 in combination with your current strategies.

Unique New Year Marketing Ideas for Gyms

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The easiest time to drum up business throughout the year for gyms is after the first. With 38% of people having at least one weight loss resolution, gyms are set to capitalize on membership opportunities in the New Year. But beyond basic membership specials, there are other things that you can do as a gym that will help you get noticed. Here are our most unique New Year marketing ideas for gyms: 

3 Ways to Stand Out at a Networking Event in Southwest Florida

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As the weather begins to cool off and many of the season’s events kick off, you’ll inevitably begin preparing for the onslaught of networking opportunities. From cocktail parties to galas and charity events – there is not shortage of networking opportunities in Southwest Florida during the fall. If you’re looking for new ways to stand out in the crowd as you network, we’ve compiled a great list for you.

4 Yoga Studio Gift Card Campaigns for the Holidays

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As a yoga studio, marketing can be a little unique for special occasions. While most people don’t think of yoga studios when it comes to gift giving, you know that giving the gift of wellness can be one of the most valuable gifts to someone who enjoys yoga. If you’re struggling to boost gift card sales in your studio, here are a few great yoga studio gift card campaigns to increase gift card sales through the holidays.

Unique Ways to Increase Holiday Gift Card Sales

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Gift cards have been written off in the past as impersonal gifts. But few people can deny their increasing popularity. Don’t believe us? Here are some great stats from a recent study on gift card sales during the holidays from last year:

Why Plastic Gift Cards Sell Better than Paper Gift Certificates

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When it comes to gifts, people always want to give their loved ones something that seems special. Gift givers struggle to balance buying something the recipient might hate with a completely impersonal gift. Gift cards are a great way to ride the line between an impersonal gift and a personal gift. If, for example, someone wants to buy their mother a gift and knows that she loves a specialty boutique, but isn’t quite sure what size she is, a gift card to that boutique is the perfect options. But when it comes down to paper gift certificates versus gift cards – is there a difference? We think so. Here are our reasons why plastic gift cards sell better than paper gift certificates.

Top 3 Worst Gift Card Marketing Ideas Ever

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We’ve all been there. When sales are a little slow, we have a tendency to get desperate. We’ll try anything to bring in sales, and that often means annoying our customers. We’ve been weighing the different types of marketing tactics that our customers can employ when they’re creating gift card marketing campaigns. Here are the top three worst gift card marketing ideas that we’ve seen so far.

Important Gift Card Statistics for Retailers

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Everyone knows that gift cards are among the most popular gifts. Whether during the holiday season, anniversaries or birthdays – gift cards are the most requested gifts. We already know that paper certificates aren’t as effective with plastic gift cards increasing sales by 50-100% over paper gift certificates. While holidays are typically considered by retailers to be the most popular for gift card purchases, the truth is that 81% of those surveyed said they would purchase gift cards for someone’s birthday, as opposed to the 67% who would buy certificates for the holidays. Surprised? It gets better. Here are some important gift card statistics for retailers to know:

Gift Card Marketing Ideas: Selling Holiday Gift Cards

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The holidays are a hectic time to be a retailer. You can barely keep your merchandise organized and on the shelves and employees in the store. Worrying about marketing gift cards is probably the last thing you’re thinking about. Did you know, though, that customers are twice as likely to pay full price when using a gift card? Or that 2 out of 3 gift card recipients will spend more than the gifted amount? Selling gift cards during the holidays (and though out the year) is one of the best ways to bring in new customers. But distinguishing yourself from the competition when every store in your area is offering gift card promotions is a little more difficult. Here are some great ideas for gift card marketing incentives that will have you selling out of holiday gift cards in no time.

Gift Card FAQs: How to Manage Gift Card Inventory

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There’s no doubt that the Holidays are a great time to purchase gift cards. Regular customers (and even first time customers) will be searching for last minute gifts for the people on their list throughout the month of December. But when is the best time to order gift cards for your business? How do you ensure that you have enough to last through the last minute Holiday rush? And how do you manage your inventory? The secrets to managing gift card ordering and maximizing your budget and inventory are all a matter of perspective. Here are some useful tips for how to manage your gift card inventory during the holiday season.

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