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Wide Format Banners for School Sports Advertising


464803613When it comes to your athletic programs, many times sales incentive fundraisers just don’t cut it. Traditional fundraisers provide a way for parents and individuals to contribute, but oftentimes a greater source of funding and revenue comes from businesses. The more opportunities that your athletic programs have to sell advertising space, the more revenue that your programs can bring in to your school. Beyond selling advertising in programs and brochures or offering business sponsorship opportunities for individual events, your school needs a way to get revenue on a recurring basis. Wide format banners for school sports advertising are a great way to add revenue.

Baseball Field Advertising.

Baseball games are a great opportunity for businesses to advertise to their target market. By selling advertising along the back wall of your baseball field, you can turn a standard baseball game into a revenue generator for your school. Wide format banners can be printed with the advertising company’s logo on them and a message to the target audience. Banners can be changed out for every game or sold as a “season long” advertisement.

Football Game Advertising

While most football fields don’t have the same boundaries that a baseball field might, football games are still great places to sell advertising. Wide format banners can be printed for display during half time or to be hung along the bleachers in school stadiums or along concession stands. Because banners can be easily removed or hung in different places, any real estate (even temporary) can serve as a location to place a banner for advertising.

Sports Event Advertising

Awards ceremonies and special events for school sports are the perfect opportunity to sell advertising to small businesses in your area. Wide format banners can be hung inside gyms, auditoriums or anywhere else that events are hosted.

Don’t limit your school to selling items to consumers to raise funds. Wide format banners open up a unique opportunity for additional revenue. From swim meets, basketball tournaments, softball games and beyond – the options are endless.

If you’re looking for non-traditional ways to bring in funds to your school or sports programs, consult one of our business specialists and learn more about how your school can benefit from wide format banners.

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Promote School Festivals & Events with Wide Format Banners


school banner

No matter how many times you put an announcement on the morning news or post flyers around the school, it seems like nothing has the desired impact you’re looking for when it comes to promoting school festivals and events. In order to really get the buzz started about your school events, wide format banners can be the perfect option for getting the word out.

Big Banner = Big footprint.

A banner posted in the right high-traffic area at your school and designed with eye-catching colors and artwork can be just what is needed to catch students’ attention. Take time to map out where your banner will be displayed and consult with a graphic designer to ensure that your banner color scheme suits your event and complements your school colors. 

A Constant Reminder.

Nothing serves as a better reminder the week of an event than a huge banner that meets students in high traffic areas. On their way into the school, out of the school, and as they go to classes – they’ll be reminded of your big event. Banners can be hung weeks ahead of time and can even be printed to do countdowns the week that an event will take place. By counting down the days on the banner, you catch attention, draw interest and remind students to purchase tickets by giving them a timeline. A phrase on a banner that reads, “Only ___ days left to purchase your spring fling tickets!” creates urgency and might eliminate long lines for those who wait until the last minute to purchase tickets.

school bannersDay of Décor.

Banners can provide supplementary décor to a large space for school festivals and events. Decorating with crepe paper and balloons can get costly. By investing in a banner before the event you not only have a way to promote the event, but also a huge decoration for the day of the event. Banners can also be re-used for events that recur every year.

Whether you’re struggling to promote your event or just looking for additional décor options, wide format banners can offer schools extended versatility that can be reused for years to come. 

Raise More with Wide Format Banners for Fundraisers


banners for fundraisersCoordinating the annual fundraiser is always a difficult process. From planning what your students will be selling to distributing forms, it can all be extremely time consuming. The most difficult part is to increase participation and motivate students to sell as much as possible. Wide format banners for fundraisers are a great way to encourage participation throughout your school and remind students of important deadlines and prize incentives.

Fundraiser Deadline Reminders.

One of the biggest issues with running fundraisers is that they have to be short enough that students are motivated throughout the process and consumers can receive their products in a timely fashion, but long enough that they actually yield funds. In order to keep fundraiser deadlines top of mind, you can print a banner that provides the date details of your fundraiser and hang it in a strategic high-traffic location at your school or church. This will give students a constant reference for when their order forms are due and motivate them to get them completed in time rather than chasing down additional forms.

Fundraiser Incentive Reminders.

For students, the best part of fundraisers is working towards prizes. If you’re providing incentives or prizes for different amounts of sales or funds raised, posting those incentives on a banner for the student body to see is a constant reminder of what they’re working towards. Printing photos of the big ticket prizes is a huge motivator for students.

wide format bannersSee the progress.

Wide format printing or banners can provide additional incentive for your students. If you have a special cause or a certain goal for your fundraiser, printing a banner or wide format sign with an indicator of how close you are to your goals is a good way to motivate students to continue to promote your fundraiser or cause in order to help the school reach their goal. 

Whether you’re selling cookie dough to raise money for a new computer lab or wrapping paper and chocolate bars for the football team and booster club – your cause is very important. Fundraisers for your school give your students a better, more enriching experience. Do everything you can to promote your fundraiser and situate your school for success by using wide format banners in your school fundraiser.

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Promote the School Dance with a Wide Format Banners


homecoming bannersWhen it comes to school events, you’re the master of your craft. Coordinating vendors, volunteers and logistics is something you take very seriously. After all, you want to give your students the best dance they’ve ever had. When it comes to getting tickets sold, however, it always tends to be like pulling teeth. Students don’t consider the fact that they need tickets to a dance until last minute. You’ve done a few spots on the morning announcements, hung signs around the cafeteria – but ticket sales just aren’t doing very well. Wide format banners are a great way to get the word out about the school dance and get tickets sold.

How Many Banners Should I Get?

The number of banners that you should get depends on a few factors – your budget, the size of your school and the number of locations that you intent to hang them in. However, if you have certain events going on, you may be able to limit the number of banners you get and move them around for the different events. For example, during homecoming week when you have football games and other events, you can purchase just one banner and move it around to different events. Of course, keep in mind that you’re trying to promote the dance well in advance, so you’ll want to start promoting the dance sooner than the week of homecoming.  

Where should I position my banners?

Banners positioned in the front of the school, the cafeteria, high-traffic hallways, and auditoriums are all great places to promote your dance. Be creative with the locations that you choose and be sure the banner is easily visible and the text large enough to be read from a distance. Above all, remember that the more students see a banner the more likely they are to remember to purchase tickets, so high traffic areas are the best places to hang banners.

Can I get help designing my banners?

While you may have mastered newsletter layouts and other creative projects, creating a design for a banner can be a cumbersome project. Wording and images have to be very high resolution to print properly. Contracting a graphic designer is a good option to ensure that your banners appear professional and in the proper resolution, but some print shops have graphic designers on staff and might provide a discount on design and setup services if you’re placing your order with them. 

You have enough to worry about in coordinating and planning your school dance. Promoting it shouldn’t be difficult. With wide format banners you can easily get your message out to the students in your school with minimal effort and a one-time cost.

To learn more about our wide format banners, click here.

Wide Format Sign Printing for Restaurants in Southwest Florida


With season in full swing and snowbirds escaping the blustery weather in the north, there is much opportunity on the roads in Southwest Florida. Odds are you have already noticed the increase in traffic, the significantly longer commute, and while it can sometimes be frustrating, it’s a sure sign that consumers are everywhere. Southwest Florida restaurants in particular benefit greatly from the increased traffic, but competition is stiff. With restaurants advertising specials on television and in the newspaper, it can be difficult to come up with ways to get your own piece of the pie. Here are some way that wide format sign printing for restaurants in Southwest Florida can be a huge factor in bringing in new business from the roadway. 

Advertise Lunch Specials with Street Signs
Whether you’re downtown or located along a major intersection with lots of foot and vehicle traffic, a standing sign can be the perfect way to announce your lunch special to the crowd. Post special lunch pricing, a favorite item or just remind people that you’re “open for lunch”. Creating specials that uniquely advertised on your sign will give you some idea of the effectiveness of your signage. Experiment with different messages to see which works best for your restaurants customer base.

Announce Special Events
Are you having a special Super Bowl party or wanting to advertise a special VIP Valentine’s Day event? Use a sign! In the weeks preceding a big event, people are constantly thinking of their plans and weighing their options. By placing a sign in front of your restaurant, you can become part of the equation and have potential customers considering your venue for the upcoming Holiday or big event. 

Wide Format Sign PrintingBring in a Happy Hour Crowd
Happy Hour is one of the best ways to bring people in during the lull between lunch and dinner. The after work crowd is always looking for the latest new place to kick back and enjoy a few drinks after a long, hard day at the office. Signage can capture the attention of a tired worker after a rough day and bring them in for a little pick-me-up. Combining appetizer and drink specials for Happy Hour and marketing them on your signage is a great way to get some to stay into the dinner hours as well. 

No matter what message you decide to put on your restaurant’s signage, be sure that you’re making the effort to get noticed by some of the increased vehicle and foot traffic this season. Whether you’re announcing lunch specials, promoting events or trying to fill the gap with a Happy Hour crowd, get your restaurant noticed with wide format signage.

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Be Seen with Florida Trade Show Banner Stands


trade show banner standIn Florida, the heat is on when it comes to getting leads at trade shows. While the booth rental investment can be costly for small businesses, trade shows have been known to yield some extraordinarily qualified prospects. Because those that go to trade shows pay to attend and travel long distances to get there, you’ll often find that trade show prospects are some of the most qualified prospects around. With interest in your specific industry or niche, the likelihood of closing customers is increased significantly at trade shows. How can you ensure that you are seen by these qualified prospects? Florida trade show banner stands are the perfect way to become more visible to tradeshow attendees.

Outshine Your Competition
It’s no secret that trade shows can have some stiff competition. Some people use food or giveaways to get noticed, but banner stands can advertise offers and services that will distinguish your company from your competition. Not only will your booth look more polished and professional, but it can capture attention that you may not otherwise get from those passing by your booth.

Being a vendor at a tradeshow offers numerous branding benefits. More often than not, your logo can be displayed on trade show flyers, collateral material and marketing e-mails. Beyond that, its important to get noticed at the trade show itself, which is an excellent opportunity to get in front of hundreds or even thousands of qualified leads that are interested in your products and services. Executing proper branding with vibrant trade show banner stands will allow you to advertise your brand effectively.

Avoid the Pitch
There’s nothing worse than that pushy guy that everyone has to quickly walk by at the tradeshow. Even though most people know that trade shows are sales tools, no one likes to be badgered and often such tactics will result in someone ignoring your booth completely. Rather than using tactics to draw attendees in, advertise promotions and attract trade show attendees with banner stands that make your booth stand out in the crowd of vendors. 

Florida trade shows can be an excellent resource for gaining new leads, particularly in the throws of season while all the tourists are down. Get your piece of the pie by making sure that your trade show booth stands out. Plan appropriately, lay out your booth in a way that makes sense, and be sure that you have a cohesive booth design that draws in potential customers rather than scaring them away with pitchy tactics and offers.  

Get a quote on banner stands and other wide format print items.  

Two Industries That Need Wide Format Printing in Southwest Florida


With season in full force, traffic is starting to back up along Southwest Florida’s major roadways. The traffic counts during season along busy intersection are inflated from tourists and snow birds escaping the cold winter up north. Capitalizing on the opportunity and gaining a piece of the consumer business from these seasonal residents is as simple as getting in front of their faces on the road. While billboards may be outside the budget for most small businesses, signage and location is key. Wide format printing is a great way to get a big message in front of a large audience. Whether you’re broadcasting your restaurant’s grand opening or trying to gain interest in a residential or commercial real estate listing, wide format printing allows small businesses to gain access to signage that delivers their message at a small up front cost.

Real Estate & Wide Format Printing
From open house and listing signage for commercial and residential real estate agents to large banners for retail and office buildings for lease, the uses for wide format printing in the real estate world are many. Use a large banner to broadcast a phone number to drivers on I-75 and 41 by printing a banner with a phone number on it. You can easily fill a retail or office space for lease, get prospects to view new listings or brand your brokerage by printing wide format signs with impact.

wide format printing Restaurants & Retail
From grand opening celebrations, super bowl parties or lunch specials, use wide format printing to create signs broadcasting your events and selection to potential neighborhood patrons. We found a great infographic from that tells us on-premise signage is 50% of the reason that new customers come into restaurants and retail stores.

What’s more is that research indicates that 85% of your customers live and work within a 5 mile radius of your establishment, meaning that signage is the perfect reminder on the way to work or home from work that your store or restaurant has exactly what they need.

Perhaps the most striking fact that solidifies the use of wide format printing and signage printing in Southwest Florida is the fact that the value of on-site signage is equal to 24 full-page newspaper ads every year. Wide format printing not only gets you in front of your customer demographic, but also allows you to save money in your marketing budget and expand your sales with minimal effort.

Get a quote on wide format printing for your business.  

Loyalty Programs & More: Help them Meet their Weight Loss Goals


loyalty programs for gymsWhen you opened your gym, you made it your goal to help your members live healthier and happier lifestyles. You offer personalized services like weight training, nutritional education and boot camp classes. With the New Year, it’s no doubt that your membership has experienced an influx of people with new weight loss goals. According to, the number one New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, making up over 38% of total resolutions. But despite signing a year contract, 36% of people who make resolutions stop working towards them only one month into the process. This wreaks havoc on member retention. Giving your members the motivation and resources to stay in the gym and keep coming week after week can be difficult. Here are a few great ways to motivate your new members and help them meet their weight loss goals. 

Reward their efforts.
People respond well to affirmation and reward. It’s important that you motivate your members by rewarding them for each visit they make to your gym. Consider offering free merchandise, like T-Shirts for people who come to the gym consistently. Coming to your gym 3+ days every week for a few months deserves recognition. Track their loyalty with your loyalty cards and reward them for milestones reached with discounts and promotional products.

Help them track their progress.
By allowing them to check in forward rewards and promotional products, you’re motivating them to get in the gym, but once they’re there its important to track their progress. Consider offering weigh-ins or encouraging your members to download apps to track their progress. By charting their work outs they can make goals to get stronger, surpass current times and weight loss milestones.

Educate them for outside the gym.
They say bodies are made in the kitchen and maintained in the gym. This means that your members are fighting temptation every day. In order to keep them in the gym and motivated towards their weight loss goals, you have to be in their heads outside the gym as well. Be sure to offer nutrition information, partner with local health stores and supplement stores and provide arm them with the greatest opportunity to succeed.

You know from experience, getting fit takes time. Using loyalty programs, progress tracking and comprehensive education will turn your new members into fitness buffs and keep them coming in to the gym. All the education, information and training will not only change their bodies and help them meet their weight loss goals, but many (as you know) will find life transformations as well.

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3 Resolutions for Restaurant Marketing in 2014


resolutions for restaurant marketing2013 is coming to a close, and as the holidays wind down and the New Year approaches, you’re probably starting to plan for growth in the coming year. If you have lofty goals in mind, it’s time to create your restaurant marketing resolutions for 2014. Whether you have big plans for business growth, higher sales, or measuring marketing ROI – it’s important to set the stage with realistic, specific goals and resolutions that can help you reach your milestones. The busy nature of restaurants means that owners and managers can be pulled in different directions and marketing goals can fall to the wayside as day to day operations demand more time. Having marketing resolutions in place in the beginning of the year will go a long way towards meeting your goals in 2014. Here are some great restaurant marketing resolutions that will suit your growth plans: 


Train staff for success.
Your staff is the key to growing your sales in 2014. From servers to bartenders and hostesses– everyone has a say in the customer experience and suggestions for upselling. From the moment the customer walks through the door, your staff should be suggestively selling at every stage of the game. While customers are being seated, hostesses can suggest appetizers or show the customers a drink menu, or casually mention happy hour specials prior to the server arrival. When servers take orders, knowing the menu will help them suggest wines or upsell entrees with premium side items. Bartenders can suggest premium liquors in lieu of well brands. Consider separate bar menus, drink menus and menu layouts that help your staff maximize their opportunities for upselling while providing the customers with a great experience. Above all, remember: education is ongoing. Staff meetings, menu tests, and regular education sessions are the best way to ensure your lessons stick.

Reinvent menu offerings.  
A new year is a great time to bring new dishes to your restaurant. Sit down with the chef and plan menus that integrate fresh, local ingredients and fall into line with your restaurant’s ambiance and atmosphere. This is a great opportunity to approach food cost issues while also redoing your menu layout and adding in premium items for upsell opportunities. Assess any design issues in your current menu and consider elements that draw the eye and highlight signature items.  No matter which approach you take, be sure to give yourself a timeline – as these types of projects can last forever.

Grow contact list for new marketing opportunities.
The best way to market to customers after they leave is by getting their e-mail addresses. Launching a loyalty program is a great way to keep customers engaged and provide coupons and special promotions. Market your loyalty program to existing customers via employee contests or promotional materials. Have a goal in mind for how many new enrollments you want on a monthly or quarterly basis to set yourself up for success.
Having a goal is only half the battle. When you make marketing resolutions, be sure to have a specific, time-bound strategy in order to meet your goals. Remember that 80% of people never set goals, so just having a goal in mind already puts you ahead of the crowd. But of the 20% that do set goals, over 70% of them fail. This means that you’ve got to have a very clear roadmap to help guide you there.

Plastic products are a great way to help meet your restaurant marketing goals in 2014. View our download resources to get more insight on how plastic products can supplement your marketing.  

Loyalty Cards for Nail Salons


loyalty cards for nail salonsLoyalty cards are a great way to upsell services and offer promotions to your customers.  By providing value to your customers in the form of milestones for free or discounted services, you encourage repeat business and open up opportunities to upsell. Upselling is a fantastic way to increase sales and when done properly, can lead to up to 60% of your customers choosing a product that is up to 60% more expensive! Marketers have discovered that once consumers are in the mindset of buying, they are open to buying more. One of the easiest and most profitable salon systems to immediately start implementing in your business is a loyalty card program. When you provide loyalty cards to your customers, you are exposing your clients to possibilities they may never have considered before by simply offering service upgrades. Once empowered with the information, your customers have the option to consider the great new looks, services, therapies or products they have never tried before.

Customers like options.
Instead of just presenting the minimum service your client has requested, why not offer additional choices? By offering your loyalty card members discounts on nail packages, you are far more likely to sell more services to a customer that may have just opted for one service. By having discounts on package options, and then offering more than two - customers are far more likely to opt for a “middle” option that offers benefits from both options without feeling like they’ve missed out while still utilizing their loyalty discount. In order to close the sale, explain how the added services will benefit customer needs. Though the client came in for a simple polish change, you can offer them the loyalty card promotions to browse while they wait and provide them with the opportunity to pamper. While a verbal upsell by the nail techs and estheticians is a must, loyalty card perks are an effortless way to upsell for those times your employees are too busy.  

Packages and Pick Your Own
While there are countless ways to upsell for a nail salon, discounted special packages and add-on promo services are most effective in loyalty programs for nail salons. Let’s be honest: nail services are pure luxury, and your business depends on your customers’ desire to treat themselves. Upsell your services appropriately. By sending promotional e-mals to card members, they may just need to come in for a polish change, but after chatting with their nail technician or just looking over your marketing e-mail, decide to upgrade to a Members Only Pampered Hands Package that includes not only a polish change, but also a relaxing soak and scrub, manicure, polish and moisturizing massage for a reasonable price.  Other clients may be on more of a budget. For these clients it is important to offer variety with single add-on services like a hand scrub, or heel buff at a promotional price that makes them feel as though they are getting the best value. The key to upselling with loyalty cards is providing multiple options and being consistent; a loyalty program, when executed properly, can do both of these things.

If you’re still a little leery of overselling, here are words to help ease your mind: Upselling and loyalty programs are opportunities in the making. By offering special promotions and discounts to your regular customers, you garner customer loyalty and give special deals while upselling your products and services. You can substantially increase your profits by regularly upselling all of your add-on services with minimal effort and marketing expense on your part. At the end of the day, you’re not only increasing your bottom line, but also offering customers great services that they’ll continue coming back for and building confidence in your brand as you grow your business.  Start upselling in your salon today with loyalty cards.


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