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4 Creative Menu Designs To Inspire Your Restaurant Menus

Clipboard menu resized 600

Creating an inspiring brand is hard enough, let alone ensuring that brand resonates through all of your collateral and menu designs as well. Our graphic designers spend hours upon hours helping our restaurant clients ensure that their brand and menu are cohesive. If you’re considering redesigning your menu and looking for a little inspiration, we’ve pulled some of our favorite menus that have popped up all over the web to help inspire you.


4 Ways to Extend the Life of your Restaurant Menus

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When it comes to managing your restaurant, you want to make the most of your dollars. After all, nothing is certain in the world of hospitality. Reducing your printing costs whenever you can is a huge help, but it’s hard to predict exactly when you’ll need to order new menus.  Here are a few tips that we’ve gathered in order to keep your menus in top shape and avoid constantly replacing and re-ordering them.

3 Unique Youth Group & Church Key Tag Designs

10829 Christ church

Leading a church youth group is difficult. Not only do you struggle to keep attendance up, but you also struggle to keep the youth engaged and excited about participating. From planning new and exciting outings to increasing service attendance, all of this can weigh heavily on a youth group leader. Young people enjoy the feeling of belonging to an exciting and cutting edge group. Key tags and membership cards can be a great way to promote your youth group and help them to feel like they are part of something special. 

Four Industries that Should Start Using Key Tag Combo Cards

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Membership and key tag combo cards are a great way to decrease your printing costs and consolidate your printing into a single order. Printing combo cards rather than printing membership cards and key tags separately allows you to continue providing your customers with the same membership or loyalty program and give them both cards when they sign up. While this is a no-brainer for gyms and fitness facilities, other industries can benefit from these cards as well.

Referral Card Marketing: It’s All About Timing

iStock 000041434984 Small resized 600

Referrals are the bread and butter of your business. You deliver an amazing facility and amazing results. It wouldn’t at all be a stretch to say that you’ve changed people’s lives. Your members are automatically compelled to talk about this – but here’s where you decide whether that conversation is a friendly feel-good anecdote or a sale for your facility. Referral cards are key factor and an absolute game changer when it comes to getting more referrals from your members. But referral card marketing can be tricky. After all, you don’t want to come across as annoying. Here are a few convenient times that you’ll want to give your members referral cards.

4 Reasons the Fitness Industry Needs Membership Cards & Key Tags

iStock 000002066539 Small resized 600

When it comes to technology, new applications in mobile devices have been attempting to phase out membership cards and key tags. While it’s very important to stay ahead of the curve in what your members are looking for, having a membership card and key tags is still very important for the fitness industry. Whether you’re a marital arts center, a yoga studio or a full service gym, you need to have membership cards and key tags when you sign on new members. Why?

Help your Members Save with Referral Incentives for the Fitness Industry

referral incentives for fitness industry

Everyone is looking to save a little. And with a new year and all of those new fitness resolutions ultimately comes the paring down of expenses – assessing every line item on the bank statement to help their family meet their financial goals. When it comes time to look over family finances, what do you members see? Do they see a valuable monthly fee to help them stay fit and happy for 2015? Or do they see an expense they could potentially cut in order to free up more room for Junior’s college savings? When it comes to marketing your fitness facility, it’s all about adding value for your customers. You need to not only show them why you’re worth that line in their monthly budget, but also how you can save them money. Referral cards and referral incentives for the Fitness Industry are a great way to help your members save in 2015 and meet both their fitness and their financial goals.

3 Reasons to Start Using Restaurant Table Tents

iStock 000031720998 Small resized 600

When it comes to upselling, your servers, bar staff and even hostesses have it down. Your menu is laid out in such a way that many entrees are easily upsold – and overall you’re pretty happy with how sales are going this season. But what if you could do even better? While you may have well-trained staff that knows your menu up and down, they’re still human and a busy shift can have them flustered and turn them into “order takers” with very few suggestive sales. Table tents are a great solution for restaurants of any size.

3 Tips for Selling More Restaurant Gift Cards

iStock 000032869574 Small resized 600

The holidays can be stressful for restaurants. With shoppers from all over trying to grab a quick bite before they head back out to battle the masses, just making sure that you’re delivering great service and food can be hard enough. But what about gift cards? You’re telling your servers to promote your gift cards and suggest them to every table, but sales aren’t looking that great. With the holidays starting to wrap up, if you’re not impressed with your gift card sales, you only have a few more days to get things right. In order to really maximize your gift card sales for the holidays, you have to get a little creative. Here are some tips for selling more restaurant gift cards.

4 Signs it’s Time to Re-Design your Restaurant Menus

iStock 000021726380 Small resized 600

You probably worked hard on creating your restaurant menu. From carefully choosing each dish to finalizing layout, it’s a masterpiece in itself. But how do you know when it’s time to redesign your menu? If you’re considering a menu redesign, but haven’t yet determined if you’re really ready to take on the project, here are three signs that it’s time to re-design your restaurant menus. 

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