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Year Round Gift Card Marketing Campaigns

gift card marketing

During the Holiday season, restaurants and retail establishments enjoy some pretty fantastic traffic. Consumers are in the buying state of mind and sales are up. Odds are that you’re probably selling out of gift cards left and right, so it’s important to order early and often. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, to have some of that same type of business throughout the year? Gift cards are often an afterthought until the Holidays, when employees are asked to push them on regular patrons. The problem is – these Holidays are only 1/6 of the year. By focusing on campaign planning and other marketing opportunities, you can have year round gift card sales that will keep revenue up and customers coming in throughout the year. Here are a few great ideas and opportunities to market gift cards that you may not have considered.

Small Business Marketing: Unique Ways to Get Noticed

small business marketing get noticed

As a small business, you compete daily for the attention of your prospects. It’s not easy to get noticed, after all. You want to strike a balance in getting your message out there without sounding desperate or scaring your customers away.  Careful planning should go in to every marketing effort you put forth and that starts with creating a content calendar. If you already have an annual plan that you stick to for your marketing, it’s time to look at things and customize your marketing a little bit. Here are some unique suggestions for small business marketing to get noticed by your prospects.

Four Ways to Save on Marketing

marketing budget

If you have a small marketing budget, odds are that you’re looking for ways to make the most of it. But beyond being creative with your ideas and running the same tired campaigns over and over, how do you maximize your expenditures and save the most money you possibly can? We all know that cutting a marketing budget can be the kiss of death for some businesses. If you’ve got a small budget and are looking for ways to save, here are a few great tips. 

3 Signs it’s Time for a Loyalty Program

loyalty program

If you’ve got a brick and mortar business that caters to consumers, you probably have your share of repeat customers that come in daily, weekly or monthly to purchase your products. Regular customers are fiercely loyal and when it comes to your business they’re happy to promote you and your products to family and friends. Your customers know how much you appreciate them (at least, you think they do), but you often wonder what you can do to make them feel special and thank them for their business. If you have a customer base that is returning regularly, it might be time to launch a loyalty program. Here are a few undeniable signs that it’s time for a loyalty program: 

3 Reasons to Switch to Gift Cards

order gift cards

As summer comes to a close and you begin your preparations for season, you’re probably giving your marketing expenses a look and exploring new ways to brand your company. As you make updates, print out new signage, plan new campaigns and eliminate some of the old – you’re inevitably going to encounter your gift certificate “checkbook”. While you know that many business have already made the switch to plastic gift cards, you still on the line. After all, the software and machines are a fairly costly up front investment and you’re not really sure that your customers really care about the difference. But the truth is that they do and your gift cards could actually be doing you more harm than good. Let’s explore a few reasons that it’s time to switch to gift cards.

Marketing Mistakes: The Don’ts of Small Business Marketing

marketing mistakes

We’ve all been there. The marketing has stopped being as effective as it once was. What was formerly a really exciting campaign that had your customers and prospects engaged and buying your products is now pretty much just crickets. It’s not your fault. Marketing needs to be changed every few months with a careful plan in place. If you’re struggling with ineffective, expensive marketing strategies, it’s probably time to explore some of what you’re doing and make sure that you aren’t making these marketing mistakes. 

Restaurant Marketing Tips: Making it Through Off-Season


Garnering Referral Business

referral business marketing

Launching referral programs is a fairly easy undertaking. Create an incentive, market it to your existing customers and watch the leads roll in. The idea is simple in concept. But referral programs as a marketing tool can require marketing themselves. Here are a few great ways that you may not have thought about to generate buzz for your referral program.

Small Business Marketing: Big Ideas for Small Budgets

small business marketing ideas

Doing the same old when it comes to marketing businesses with small budgets can get…well, old. And if you’re bored with your marketing strategy, odds are your prospects aren’t finding it any more engaging than you are. Coming up with new ideas for small marketing budgets can be difficult, but with a little brainstorm and a few tips from this blog, you can freshen up your marketing pretty easily. Here are some tips to get big traction from small marketing budgets.

Marketing Ideas for the Fitness Industry

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