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Why Summer Camps Need Automated Check-Ins

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Some of the best memories from a kid’s childhood are of the friends he or she meets at summer camp. Not only is summer camp a great place to meet new friends – but we all know how much enrichment children gain from your programs. While marketing can be tricky, security and management can sometimes be even trickier. Just like any school, you have to carefully manage check-in to ensure that all students are present and accounted for and that the appropriate parent picks them up. Here are a few reason that you may want to automate the check-in process with key tags or membership cards.

3 Reasons to Launch a Summer Camp Referral Program

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Your best source of business comes from referrals. Your regular customer and previous camp visitors rave about the quality of care, robust activity selection and the fun that their children have at your program. Yet despite all the raving reviews that you get – you still struggle to remind your best customers to refer your summer camp. If this years enrollment is looking a little thin, it’s not too late to start up a referral program.

4 Summer Camp Marketing Ideas

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As school winds down, working parents are starting to explore summer camp options for their little ones. Finding an enriching program that suits their needs and works with their schedule, but that their children are interested in is important. Whether you’re a martial arts or gymnastics facility, dance studio, church or other facility trying to market your summer camp programs, you might struggle to fill your spots and increase enrollment. Here are a few ideas that you can use to boost your last minute sign-ups and fill your summer programs.


3 Opportunities to Market Loyalty Cards

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Loyalty programs can be a little tricky. You have to figure out a way to get people to actually sign up for them and once they’re signed up, you need to continually remind them to use them – and create compelling rewards along the way. Did you know that building loyalty with 5% more customers would lead to an increased average profit per customer between 25% and 100%? Not only that, but the most important driver of brand loyalty is a great product (77%), followed closely by brand recognition and trust (69%). If you’re stru ggling with adoption of your loyalty card program, it’s time to amp up your marketing with these strategic tips.

Gift Card Marketing for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

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Father’s day and Mother’s day are quickly approaching and it’s important to leverage every opportunity that you can to market gift cards to your customers. Whether you’re a storefront, online retailer, restaurant or other consumer-facing business – starting early and being consistent is key. Here are just a few some gift card marketing tips for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day that retailers might benefit from:


3 Ways to Increase Attendance at Your Community Center Events

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Planning and scheduling events that you think your members will like is hard enough, let alone promoting those events and ensuring the attendance is there. If you’ve ever hosted an event that you were sure was going to be a hit, but fell flat from an attendance perspective, it might be time to change up the way that you’re marketing your community center events. Here are just a few tips for increasing attendance and getting exposure for all the events you work so hard to plan.

Promote Outdoor Community Center Events in the Spring

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After a long winter, it’s not difficult to convince center members to come outside and enjoy a nice outdoor event. But reminding them that this event is coming up and making sure that they make the time to attend is a completely different struggle. If you’re operating a pool, community center or rec center and are struggling to promote your outdoor events, here are a few great promotional ideas that we think might help:

Three Marketing Tips for Charity Golf Tournaments

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Golf tournaments can be complicated to plan. Every detail from the initial press release to the venue food, signage, snacks, silent auction and awards party must be carefully planned and executed. Whether you’re a non-profit looking to make your next charity golf tournament or a country club that wants to help raise money for a good cause, there are a few things that you’ll need in order to promote your event successfully. Charity golf tournaments are a great opportunity for businesses to get their name out to other business owners and tournament participants. With spring here and tournament season in full swing, here are a few things that you’ll need to know when creating your marketing materials and promotional signs in conjunction with your event.

3 Unique Branding Opportunities for Country Clubs

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As a country club, you need to maintain the brand and standards that your members have come to expect. From top quality food and entertainment to world class golfing and amenities – there are some fairly lofty expectations from your members. But as you continue to refine your facility and your activities, you can’t forget to also maintain your brand. Your brand is what allows that sterling reputation to be connected with an image. When your members or friends of members see that image – it creates fantastic referral and marketing opportunities. So, where are the best opportunities for member prospects to be exposed to your brands? Here are three great opportunities that we think will help you spread the word with minimal addition to your budget.

Spring Marketing Tips for Country Clubs

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With spring upon us and the cold weather gone, it’s time to start marketing spring events and preparing for busy season. Your members and golfers are getting back into the swing of things and you need to promote your event schedule in the easiest, most cost effective way possible. Take advantage of your clubhouse area by printing event banners and signage for your country club members. Here are a few spring marketing tips for country clubs and resorts. 

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